'99 ST4, 996 front end, fairing, now a '916 with a comfortable seat.  Taken at a track school at Roebling Rd.'75 860, Early DOCC weekend I believe at Grattan Raceway in Michigan.  Still Single disc, classic Lewis leathers and Greb work boots.'75 860, Again an early DOCC meet, possibly Shannonville.  A bit of duct tape and well beveled boots.
1959 175 Turismo used in the Motogiro D'Italia.  This was taken at the ferry dock returning from Sicily.'85 650 (now 750) Cagiva Elefant.  Very Capable and great fun.The start of a project; a $10. 860 frame and a 1000DS motor from a Sport Classic, along with the swingarm and wheels.  This will be a Sport Classic my way.
650 Elefant, bought for travel in GB, less than a rental would have been.  17 inch front wheel; works fine.  I like the bit more of a fairing and the whole 'Road Warrior' look.  Plan to ride south to Sardegna this year after the Giro.Just set in place to picture it after cutting the 860 frame; more to cut and it will end up on a jig..Some measurements to do; comparing the DS with the bevel motor.. simple for the swingarm; just mounts to the casing.
Benelli 2C 250 2-stroke twin; 'Phantom'.  Found when looking for Benelli parts and reminded me of my first bike; '65 250 T10 Suzuki.  Nice bits including rims and two-sided front drum; light handling, fun bike.Seriously; spotted this in the Bologna 'Municipal Museum' a few years back.  You can see the origins of the 'Ducati Dot'.. "If we had another of these and a single-sided swingarm.."In the same museum; evidence that Harley had begun their development as well.. ;-)

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