I always liked the Ducati Sport Classics and had a chance to talk with Pierre Terreblanche about them at one of the Motogiros and visits to the factory.  I teased him about not having proper Conti replica mufflers and he replied that once I bought one they would sell me mufflers as loud as I wanted.. of course the production pipes had to pass certification on noise and emissions etc.

The style has the cues from the old bevels but for myself and others, the width of the tank, seat and rear tyre were a bit different..  Great idea though and I think this has spurred interest in the original bevels.

Early this year a friend from work emailed me about someone who had a Ducati.. looking to sell it..  It turned out to be an '06 Sport that had low-sided and been written off by the insurance company as 'irrepairable'.  It really didn't look bad, mirror, lever, seat, scuff on tank.. front axle end.. rear turn signals..  This fellow had picked it up with the intent of flipping it but there was no interest as the frame couldn't be re-licenced..

A while before that an 860 GT frame was up on ebay and the poor unloved thing went for $10.

So, I have just picked up the Sport Classic; starts fine, 500 km on the clock, front end 'tweaked' enough for their write-off, but it will rise again as the 860 GT.
I have been lining up the frame on the DS motor and it looks good.  The swingarm of course hangs on the motor so there is no fabbing there, meaning the main things are having lugs to catch the mounts on the top of the casings.

I am thinking of leaving the original bevel front frame tubes intact as they reach down to the area of a pair of lugs on the bottom of the front cylinder.  These wouldn't be for the major strength though I might fill the fins to strengthen the area, but it would leave the frame more original looking.

The geometry will be somewhere between the two as I want some of the old bevel handling.  I may go with a conventional front fork for the looks and would like to fit a 4.5 in rear rim and a 160 tire as a more reasonable size.

I have a sport tank in fibreglass, currently in two pieces, and I'm playing with the idea of cobbling up an aluminum tank to sit under the fibreglass bodywork..

The goal is a bevel styled classic with the modern hardware; my own version of the Sport Classic.
860 Frame on DS motor.
Seat heigth will be lowered as on the Darmah etc.
The Sport Classic donor as found.
The low-side was on the left, only levers, seat, cowl axle end and a rim scrape.  The front end was tweaked but was not going to be used anyways.Bringing it home.I got the bike ready for a run at Mosport for the DOCC weekend May 28, 29, 2011.  This gave me a chance to run it in stock trim before I set the geometry of the new frame setup.  I kept the (new) Sport Classic triple clamps for the lesser offset / more trail, and bored the upper for a set of 996 forks.  Because the forks are ~ 2cm longer and with a bit of fiddling as on the ST, I was aable to set the clip-ons above the top triple.
Bruce Meyers was there and had some good tips.  He said they had measured a sport classic and it had comeout pretty much like the geometry etc. of a 749.  I found it fine on the handling and an awesome motor.  I had 500km on the motor so I wasn't out to beat anyone up the straight..had fun working through the corners..
Video at 

For reference;
The front end worked ok, a bit harsh but likely more oil than needed..  I will mock up the 860 frame on the other motor so I can keep this together as a track bike.  I may try the smaller rear wheel and it will definitely want a more free-breathing exhaust.Swapped the big cans for these; just stamped 'Sport', likely 750 Sport (belt?).. Might be Bub?  Opened them up removing baffles and packing, left about an inch of perf. tube at the end.  Had extra headers, modified to fit.
Mosport 2012Open pipes, OK at Mosport, not sure for Calabogie etc..
Great sound.
999 front end in Sport Classic triples, (Opened a bit on top holes, shimmed a touch on bottom) Wanted stock offset.  Clip-ons above the top triple clamp.

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