This started with a spare frame for a Benelli 250 Phantom 2-stroke.
It had the classic three-tube backbone level with the seat but was of course a double cradle..
I had always admired the Benelli 4 cyl bikes and thought I might do a replica; somewhat updated..
This is just an example. Not Mine!
This all started with a perfectly good 250 Benelli Phantom 2-stroke bought from Darrell Dick who did a nice job assembling it; pretty much original.No, I wouldn't have cut up the good one; it came with this spare frame.
Classic design with the three-tube 'backbone' but of course double cradle.I've always admired the little four-cylinder Benellis; Mike Gontesky's 250 comes to mind; originalsand replicas..  Those were of course the old 2-valve air cooled.. so if Benelli had carried on with the in-line 4 cyl., what would they be like?My high-tech two-dimensional transposition apparatus.
'Transposed', and it fits!  Well, mostly, and plenty will have to go.Cut tubes sprung; stayed in line but were obviously sprung out before welding.. or did the welding create the tension?Cut out.  Downtubes were cut shorter and will be cut back more for cross-tubes out to the side mounts on the head.
Sitting in place; head will be up to backbone tubes and carbs may be tight but manageable.The headstock area will be braced to the side mounting bosses on the head as well as the front lower motor mounts.Wide, but no worse than any of the old air-cooled motors.
The rear upper mount looks to line up with the rear downtubes so there will probably be tubular mounts inserted.The lower rear mounts line up nicely for tubular mounts as well.  The swingarm pivot sits close to the casing joint; even with the countershaft.One challenge; the countershaft sprocket sits outboard of the existing frame tubes; obviously a new swingarm and some jiggery-pokery needed.
So here it sits, I wanted to take it this far to assess the feasibility but there are other projects and heaven forbid; work, so it may wait a while.  Picture a long skinny tank and 4-into-4 swoopy pipes.. have to try that hydro-forming..
Updates when I get back to it.
Just for scale, this is the stock tank and seat on it.Most likely will have a road race tank, but still looks cool..
Not bad proportions.For reference; the stock frame with the 2-stroke.Ok, project gets put away for now; clean out the carbs on the smoker and go for a ride. ;-)

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