1950 Spartan 'Royal Mansion', staying in it through the summer while working.1948 Spartan; 33 feet,~ 5200lbs., pulls great.  Bringing it home from PA.1948 Spartan, new wheels and tires replacing the split rims but axles and bearings just fine.  Lights just rigged temporarily for the trip home.
1950 Spartan Royal Mansion.  Windows had white foam insulation sprayed inside; nasty to remove and still lexan to polish.1950 RM, interior in birch.  Looking into galley with bedroom beyond."Observation Lounge"  Couch later replaced with smaller leather.
Leather couch and chair.  Couch works fine as single bed.  Ottoman top flips over for a tableHave to be frugal with space.Surveyors' tripod lamp.
One moose lamp, two mirrors.Bedroom, made a double size base to match the birch.Kitchen in the 1950.
Home for 2-3 months while working in Alberta.1950, still hazy windows from the old spray insulation.. have to buff them clear.'Slimp' dolly wheels.  Never had tires and I can't find any 6 inch (DOT or equivalent) tires for it.  Anybody know of some let me know.  Thinking of replacing spring with air bag to be able to adjust or retract..
In the '48 I have removed one cupboard, will replace the curved 'wall' section, making room for a wee woodstove.  It is a 'Two-dog' from walltentshop.com.  I found proper 4 inch insulated chimney for safety.The wood panels on the wall will be replaced with bright copper ceiling tiles to make a stove surround.  The wall will have the metal over insulation instead of the wood as will that section of the ceiling.  More pics soon.

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