'84 Elefant 650, basically stock.'84 Elefant bought in GB.
17 in. front wheel, sort of a 'road warrior' look.
Elefant in GB, as bought.
Alloy exhaust can; not rude; passed MOT fine.Some odd chrome bits..17in. front wheel with single bigger disc; works nicely.
Ready to roll with soft bags.Scotland.Scotland, Village of Pennan, where they filmed 'Local Hero'.
Smaller 'road' on the way from Bolgna to Sardinia.On the coast road of Sardegna.2010, before the Giro, I flew into Sardegna where I had left the 'fant with a friend, Diego.  I swapped belts just to be sure.
Loaded up for the trip; I had the saddlebags together as my checked luggage; worked fine.I spent one day riding up the island of Sardegna to the ferry port, slept on the ferry then continued to Bologna next day.We had hoped to license the ex UK bike in Italy but the paperwork was horrendous.  I ended up selling it to Bjarne from Denmark.  He met me in Bologna and rode safely home.
Off the Elefant, onto the 175 Turismo.. the Giro started in Cannes, so I rode the 2 days there, did the event (5 days) then back to Bologna.. but that's aother story ;-)

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